Prison to Pulpit

From Prison to Pulpit

This is my autobiography, first written many years ago but now being updated with a new
chapter each month. It traces my journey from childhood in a Southampton orphanage,
homelessness and into Winchester Prison, where God intervened and gave me a new life.
You will see how God is able to take even a broken life and reshape and mould it into an
instrument for His service for more than 60 years. It has been my joy and privilege to work
in a variety of roles and locations on three continents as a pioneer and mission
entrepreneur. I try to show that I am not a super hero, but an ordinary man with my own
fair share of weaknesses, but surrounded by many wonderful friends and family who have
shared in my adventure of faith and allowed me to be fruitful. My enemies have been few
and I thank God and bless them for the positive impact they have made to hopefully make
me a better than I might have been.